Commercial TV Installation

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Businesses require precision and perfection when it comes to display and cabling needs. Our technicians are trained to install TVs on a large-scale including unmounting, transporting, pre-cabling, designing, set up, configuring, and programming you display systems. No wall type will be a challenge for us in order to deliver the best possible solutions.

SetupTeam installs new and used equipment in any commercial space which includes but not limited to video conferencing rooms, board rooms, and education rooms. We also install TVs for residential customers as well in Toronto.

Our $2,000,000 liability insurance and WSIB will allow you to be at rest when our team is working on setting up your commercial space. SetupTeam goes through special trainings in order not to make any mistakes.

Our Commercial TV Services Includes:

  • Turnkey service
  • Commercial display sale and delivery
  • Digital signage installation
  • Removal of devices
  • Network wiring and Cat5e / Cat6 Installation
  • Video distribution systems
  • Electrical work
  • AV project designing and management

Our team has WSIB and our own liability insurance in order to deliver the best solutions.

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Commercial Wi-Fi Set Up

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Setting up the latest Wi-Fi units that allow everything to hook together effortlessly is another service we offer. Mics, video camera, and computer can be put into an area with a professional backdrop and tested sound. It is important that we remain up to date and ready to go in the current market. These systems are making it easier for people to work from home or remotely as well as being able to fully communicate the goals and expectations to your suppliers.

Wire Hiding Services


In today’s market, there is little need for wires. SetupTeam will be happy to hide them in the walls and ceiling, even on the floor if need be. Having a professional-looking system means you don’t have wires running around the walls and the floors.

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