Security Cameras

Security Camera Installation

Considering installing a security camera system for your home or business property? With a camera system, you can monitor all activities from your smartphone or tv.

Some security cameras are commonly used for indoors and outdoors. These allow you to monitor your surroundings while you’re not home.

Also, it can record video evidence of any crime that has happened on your property. You can easily catch the perpetrator and prevent it from happening again. Moreso, it can help you identify the potential security issues that could affect your property.

Why You Should Install Security Cameras?

Where You Should Install The Cameras?

Rather than having numerous security cameras installed (but that’s fine), consider the locations or areas around your home that can provide wide viewing ranges. Homes are situated differently, but houses with high-traffic spots are prone to break-ins.

To ensure you have the best view of your surrounding, we suggest installing security cameras in the following:

Common Areas
Think of the areas where burglars will surely go once they enter your house. Your living room and bedroom are prone to break-ins, so better put cameras inside to monitor these spaces.

Front, Side, and Back Doors
Around one-third of all burglars enter through the front, side, or back door. Having exterior cameras near or above these doors can help prevent criminals from entering your home.
If a burglar invades your home, they may try to enter through your garage door or walk down your driveway. Having an exterior camera installed can help you spot potential trouble.
If you have a basement or balcony that leads to entry points, burglars can use it to get in. Install a camera near the stairs to prevent potential thieves from entering your home.
Off-Street Windows
Windows that don’t directly face a street are more prone to break-ins. So, better to install exterior cameras above or near these windows or install interior cameras facing the windows.

Extra Security Cameras Placement Tips

The right placement is crucial when considering where to install the security cameras.

At SetupTeam, the workers are professionally trained to install security cameras (and TV wall mounts, too), giving you assurance and peace of mind. Most importantly, we have liability for our products and services. So, you’re not just safe physically but also safe financially.

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