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Home Theatre Installation

SetupTeam offers custom Home Theatre Installation services in Toronto and the GTA. We offer multi-zone Whole Home Audio as well as custom Home Theatre. If you love listening to podcasts or your favorite music multi-zone sound systems are perfect for you. From surround sound speaker’s installation to sound calibration, we do it all.

Some of our favourite brands to work with:
  • Sonos
  • Bose
  • Denon
  • Marantz
  • Polk Audio
  • And More…

It is important to plan before executing the installation. Our technician will investigate the area in order to come up with the best layout for your home theatre. We promise to include planning and designing of lighting, sound, proper wiring, and comfort.

Main Reasons to Work with us

  • SetupTeam will recommend the precise screen size to purchase in order to achieve comfort in screening and sound experience.
  • We will assess the room layout and discuss the potential design.
  • Our team will recommend suitable speakers in order to achieve an optimal sound effect, which will depend on the type of walls and room’s layout. The optimal sound will enhance your experience for the better.
  • SetupTeam will take care of your speaker placement, so the sound will achieve its ideal performance. Wrongly placed speakers decrease the quality of sound.
  • We pay attention to details. Your home theatre will look neat after our consultation and installation. We will make sure no cables or wires are visible in order to provide your surrounding safety.
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Taking the time for our clients is important to us.

Our team is responsible for completing all necessary services that are promised, the user experience is important for us. Once everything is set up and ready for use, we take the time to show you how to use your new Home Audio and Home theatre systems. The system can be set up through various devices, such as a phone or a simple remote. We make sure that the system is user friendly and easy to navigate.

That’s what makes us different than others. Our Home Theatre Installation experts will guide you through the new system and make sure you are comfortable. Home Audio and Home theatre can be pretty complex, but we will simplify it for you.



Home Theatre Speaker Installation Services

In-Wall Speakers

In-wall speakers are made to be discreet. They are ideal for front and rear channels and suitable only for drywall in modern houses and townhouses.

In-Ceiling Speakers

Dolby technology is the perfect option for In-ceiling speakers. These speakers are located overhead, rear for multi-zone areas. The home audio systems are set up in different rooms like living rooms, gaming rooms, etc. These speakers are also appropriate on drywall in modern houses and townhouses.

Tower Speakers

Floor Standing Tower speakers are the strongest speakers because of the sizing. These speaker usually include a high speaker, medium speaker and bass.

Satellite Speakers

These speakers present minimal appearance, similarly, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. The speakers are small but deliver very good quality sounds in smaller places.

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Outdoor Sound System installation

SetupTeam can wire up a zone of your home audio and home theatre system to the garage or the outside patio. Having your favorite music playing while you are working in the garage or gardening has never been easier. Gone are the days that you need to haul around a portable device, it can be done through your very own home audio and home theatre system.

Home theatres are comfortable, innovative, and moving forward in recent years. Individuals appreciate the innovative technology and amazing user experience. The latest gadgets and devices enable the sound and picture quality to reach its optimal capability. Users must take advantage of innovative products and enjoy new technology.

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